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A NEAR DAWN // Visual Adventure

Be consumed by darkness and light in this dark humorous psychological thriller adventure! · By Far-off Daydream Games


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A Near Dawn is on KickStarter!!
We launched our KickStarter Campaign and are hoping to get support to produce the rest of our project!
We released A Near Dawn for Android!
We released the Android version of A Near Dawn on, and we are working on getting it up on GooglePlay! A Near Dawn has a really nice feel on a mobile dev...
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A NEAR DAWN - PROLOGUE is released!
A NEAR DAWN Prologue is released - we actually made it for our September 25th deadline, as promised! :) We have not, however, been able to test it yet on Mac o...
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WEBSITE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TUMBLR Our project A NEAR DAWN is quickly approaching its Demo release date - we are hoping to have it out by...